Listing of Past Performers 1938 – Present

Years Performers Yearly Budget
1937-1938 Iso Briselli (Violinist) $800
Dorothy Crawford (Character Sketches)
Ray Middleton (Baritone)
1938-1939 Marjorie Edwards (Violinist) $750
Lansing Hatfield (Baritone)
Emil Baume (Pianist)
1939-1940 Mildred Dilling (Harpist) $900
Mieczyslaw Munz (Pianist)
Igor Gorin (Baritone)
1940-1941 Edwina Eustis (Mezzo-Soprano) $575
Anatol Kaminsky (Violinist)
Daniel Erincourt (Pianist)
1941-1942 Association not active due to World War II
1942-1943 Association not active due to World War II
1943-1944 Association not active due to World War II
1944-1945 Josephine Tuminia (Soprano) $1150
Zadel Skolovsky (Pianist)
Arthur LeBlanc (Violinist)
1945-1946 Don Cossacks (Russian Men’s Choir/Dancers) $1650
Dalies Frantz (Pianist)
Nicholai & Johann Graudans (Cello and Piano)
1946-1947 Trapp Family Singers $1950
William Haines (Tenor)
Solvig Lunde (Pianist)
1947-1948 Margaret Harshaw (Contralto) $1700
Appleton and Field (Duo-Pianists)
Julius Huehn (Baritone)
1948-1949 Nan Merriman (Mezzosoprano) $1600
Angel Reyes (Violinist)
Yara Bernette (Pianist)
1949-1950 Zadel Skolovsky (Pianist) $2100
Mac Morgan (Baritone)
Pierrette Alarie (Soprano)
1950-1951 DePaurs Infantry Chorus $2100
Joseph Battista (Pianist)
Rey and Gomez (Spanish Dance)
1951-1952 Revelers (Men’s Chorus) $2750
Walter Cassell (Baritone)
Vronsky and Babin (Duo-Pianists)
1952-1953 DePaurs Infantry Chorus $3000
Louis Roney (Tenor)
Jean Cassadesus (Pianist)
Camilla Wicks (Violinist)
1953-1954 Dorothy Warenskjold (Soprano) $2550
John Knight (Pianist)
Marina Svetlova and Company (Ballet)
Stephen Kemalyan (Baritone)
1954-1955 Angelaires (Harp Quintet) $2700
Vronsky and Babin (Duo-Pianists)
Vivian Della Chiesa (Soprano)
1955-1956 Les Compagnons De La Chanson $2550
Montez and Company (Spanish Dance)
Hanson and DeDell (Duo-Pianists)
1956-1957 Leonard Rose (Cellist) $2300
Tanglewood Quartet (Opera)
Leonard Pennario (Pianist)
1957-1958 Sarah Fleming (Soprano) $1850
Tuscon Boys Choir
Herman Godes (Pianist)
1958-1959 San Francisco Operatic Quartet $1900
David Bar-Illan (Pianist)
Alma Trio (Violin/Cello/Piano)
1959-1960 Revelers (Men’s Quartet) $1900
Frances Bible (Mezzo-Soprano)
Eden and Tamir (Duo-Pianists)
1960-1961 Belefonte Singers $2250
Coleman Blumfield (Pianist)
Margot Blum (Mezzo-Soprano)
David Abel (Violinist)
1961-1962 Clebanoff Strings $3050
Varel & Bailly, Chanteurs de Paris
Kay Robingson (Actress/Singer)
Roy Bogas (Pianist)
1962-1963 James Schwabacher (Tenor) $3050
Andree Juliette Brun (Pianist)
Tipton Chamber Orchestra
Pacific Ballet
1963-1964 Ma Si-Hon & Tung Kwong-Kwong (Violin and Piano) $2500
Paganini Quartet (Stradivarius instruments)
Gregg Smith Singers
1964-1965 Duo Romeros (Guitarists) $2900
Hungarian Ballets “Bihiri”
Maryjane Barton (Harpist)
Marjorie McKay (Mezzo-Soprano)
1965-1966 Texas Boys Choir $3150
Raymond Davis (Cellist)
New Lost City Ramblers (Folk Singing Trio)
Jack Crossan (Pianist)
1966-1967 Men of Song (Quartet) $3350
Fleis Eireann (Irish Singers/Dancers)
Beaux Arts Trio (Piano/Violin/Cello)
1967-1968 Richard Hayman & the Manhattan Pops Orchestra $3350
Oukhtomsky Ballet Classique
Raymond Michalski (Bass-Baritone)
1968-1969 Clebanoff Strings $3350
DeCormier Folk Singers
Thomas Uchtmann (Pianist)
1969-1970 Yale Accordion Symphony $3550
Lola Montes and her Spanish Dancers
Tuscon Arizona Boys Chorus
1970-1971 Christopher Parkening (Guitarist) $3450
Rondoliers (Vocal Trio)
Neil Wolfe Trio (Piano/Bass/Percussion)
1971-1972 Joyce Jones (Organist) $3050
Jorge Morel Duo (Guitar & Percussion)
William Hall Chorale
1972-1973 Chitiri Arpi (Harp Quartet) $3750
The Cosmopolitans (Vocal Trio)
Angus Godwin (Folk Singer-Guitarist)
Neil Wolfe Trio (Piano/Bass/Percussion)
1973-1974 Carnival de Mexico $4100
Stecher & Horowitz (Duo-Pianists)
Torrent and Alexander (Duo-Organists)
1974-1975 Zamfir Romanian Folk Ensemble $4200
Llords’ “International” (Music and Marionettes)
New Christy Minstrels
1975-1976 Longstreth & Escosa (Harp Duo) $3950
NcNeil Jubilee Singers
Philip Hanson (Actor-Storyteller)
1976-1977 Ford’s Comic Opera Theatre, “Die Fledermaus” $4300
Hal Shane (Singer-Guitarist-Dancer)
John Biggs Consort (Vocal/Instrumental)
Rico Saccani (Pianist)
1977-1978 Odessa Balalaikas of Russia $3650
Berkshire Chamber Players (Clarinet/Flute/Violin/Piano/Cello)
Earl Rose (Pianist)
Edmund Karlsurd (Bass-Baritone)
1978-1979 World of Gilbert & Sullivan $4850
Keith & Rusty McNeil (American Folksingers)
Measure for Measure (Harp/Violin/Cello)
Yuri Lotakov (Pianist)
1979-1980 Ronnie Brown Trio (Piano/Bass/Percussion) $3900
Susann McDonald (Harpist)
Festival of Song Quartet
1980-1981 Festival Trio (Piano/Clarinet/Violin) $3650
The McFarlane Singers “Romberg Remembered”
Hodgens & Howard (Duo Pianists)
1981-1982 Empire Brass Quintet $5050
Thomas Lorango (Pianist)
The “Virage” Folk Ensemble of Latin America
1982-1983 “Marriage of Figaro”, a Comic Opera $5950
Virginia Eskin (Pianist)
Linden Woodwind Quintet (Flute/Clarinet/Oboe/Bassoon/Horn)
Mary Jane Johnson (Soprano)
1983-1984 Nama Folk Orchestra $6700
Clarion Trio (Trumpet/Piano/Cello)
Robert McDuffie (Violinist)
Anna Werner-Backmann (Coloratura Mezzo-Sopranno)
1984-1985 Festival Consort (Music of the Renaissance) $8250
Dennis Karmazyn (Cellist)
Peter Kazaras (Tenor)
Max Morath Quintet, “Pop Goes the Music” (Piano/Guitar/Banjo/Saxophone/Clarinet/Percussion)
1985-1986 Colorado Children’s Choral $8700
The Casa Verde Trio (Formerly Stonybrook Trio) (Violin/Cello/Piano)
Bonnie Phipps Folk Ensemble (Autoharp/Guitar/Violin/Cello)
William Parker (Baritone)
1986-1987 Carol McLaughlin (Harpist) $8500
Slovak Chamber Orchestra
Trio Sonata (Guitar/Flute/Oboe)
New York Vocal Arts Ensemble
1987-1988 Bill Schustik (American Troubadour) $7700
Manhattan Rhythm Kings (Vocal/Piano/Guitar/Bass/Tuba/Melodica)
Constantine Orbelian (Pianist)
The Linden Quintet (Flute/Clarinet/Oboe/Bassoon/Horn)
1988-1989 Pamela South (Soprano) $9000
Panocha String Quartet
Harvey Pittel Saxophone Quartet
Ralph Wells Trio (Baritone/Flute/Piano)
1989-1990 A Broadway Celebration (Vocal Ensemble) $10750
Trio Bell’Arte (Harpsichord/Baroque Flute/Oboe/Recorder)
Atlantic Brass Quintet
Roy Bogas (Pianist)
1990-1991 Markham and Broadway (Duo-Pianists) $12000
Spiro Malas (Bass-Baritone)
Butch Thompson Trio (Piano/Bass/Percussion)
Celin and Laurie Romero (Guitar and Soprano)
1991-1992 The Moscow Balalaikas $12550
Monumental Brass Quintet
Larry Logan (Classical Harmonica)
Toccatas and Flourishes (Organ and Trumpet)
1992-1993 Lincoln Mayorga (Pianist) $12750
The New York Jazz Society’s “A Night at Eddie Condon’s”
The Light Blues (Classical Vocal Ensemble)
Vancouver Wind Trio
1993-1994 Broadway to Hollywood: In Concert (Vocalists and Piano) $12950
Ory Shihor (Pianist)
Robert Bonfiglio Ensemble (Harmonica with String Trio)
Nevada Dance Theatre
1994-1995 Carl Peterson (Scottish Folk Singer) $11750
Stephen and Carol Kechulius (Baritone and Piano)
DeWayne Fulton (Harpist)
1995-1996 Sang Mee Lee (Violinist) $12650
Alba Quezada (Soprano)
Riverboat Ragtime Revue
San Francisco Saxophone Quartet
1996-1997 Brassissimo Vienna $15250
Joe Trio (Piano Trio)
Overholt & Velta (Lyric Soprano and Baritone)
Max Morath, The Ragtime Man
1997-1998 Lee Lessack & Joanne O’Brien (Broadway Music) $15250
Side Street Strutters (Dixieland Jazz)
Khenany (Music of Latin America)
Colorado Children’s Chorale
1998-1999 Nkenge Simpson (Soprano)
Richard Glazier (Gershwin Remembrance & Discovery)
Clemente Trio (Violin, Cello, Piano)
Joe Burgstaller (Trumpet music of the ’30s and ’40s; a Rafael Mendez project)
Diva (Jazz)
1999-2000 Boston Brass
Chinese Golden Acrobats
Robert Trentham (Songs of the American Civil War)
Arcata String Quartet
2000-2001 Black Mountain Male Chorus of Wales
Alborada (Music of Central and South America)
London Piano Duo
Roslyn Kind (Vocalist)
2001-2002 Dale Gonyea (Piano & Comedy)
Manhattan Rhythm Kings
Linda Wang (Violinist)
Lemalu & Saarinen (Baritone and Pianist)
The Wood’s Tea Company (Folk Music)
2002-2003 Trio Voronezh (Russian Music)
Debra Reuter-Pivetta (Flute and Piano)
Linda Wang (Violinist)
Lara St. John (Violin) was unable to perform and was replaced by:
Susanne Hou and Max Zorin (Violinists)
Proteus 7 (Brass Group)
Antonio Pompa-Baldi (Pianist)
2003-2004 Vega String Quartet
North State Symphony (Symphony Orchestra)
Scott Kirby (Pianist)
The Rothfuss Family Singers
String of Pearls (Female Vocal Trio) was unable to perform and was replaced by:
Quadre (4 French Horns)
2004-2005 North State Symphony (Symphony Orchestra)
Calico Winds
Golden Bough (Celtic Music)
The Edlos (Men’s A Capella and Comedy)
Dallas Brass
2005-2006 Mike Strickland (with Elizabeth and Sadie) (Pianist)
Bottom Line Duo (Violincello and Doublebass)
Canadian Tenors
Jeni Fleming Acoustic Trio (Classical and Modern Jazz)
Enoch Train (Americana Folk Ensemble)
North State Symphony (Symphony Orchestra)
2006-2007 John Jorgenson Quintet (Gypsy Jazz)
Cantabile (Men’s A Capella and Comedy)
North State Symphony (Symphony Orchestra)
Barra MacNeils (Celtic Music)
Sonos Handbell Ensemble
2007-2008 New Orleans North (Jazz)
Marie-Andree Ostiguy (Pianist)
Norman Foote (Music and Comedy)
Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival
Franc D’Ambrosio’s “Hollywood”
North State Symphony (Symphony Orchestra)
2008-2009 Yi-Jia Suzanne Hou & Elaine Hou (Violin, Piano)
Mark Nizer (Juggler)
Dallas Brass
The Edlos “On Broadway” (Men’s A Cappella Quartet)
North State Symphony (Symphony Orchestra)
2009-2010 Mike Strickland Trio (Piano, Bass, Saxophone)
Bella Sorella (Vocalists)
La Catrina Quartet (String Quartet)
North State Symphony Christmas Concert (Symphony Orchestra)
California Guitar Trio
North State Symphony (Symphony Orchestra)
2010-2011 Anthony Kearns (Tenor (of PBS’s The Irish Tenors)
Craicmore (Celtic)
North State Symphony Christmas Concert (Symphony Orchestra)
Saxophobia (Saxophone Showcase)
Presidio Brass
2011-2012 Edelmann-Rust Trio (Cello & Bassoon)
Trio Voronezh (Russian Instrumentalists)
North State Symphony Christmas Concert (Symphony Orchestra)
Valeri Glava & Lee Tamboulin (Violin & Piano)
IL Voce (Vocalists)
Travis Brass (Free Concert)
2012-2013 Gonzalo Bergara Quartet (Gypsy Jazz)
North State Symphony Holiday Concert (Symphony Orchestra)
International String Trio (World Music)
Alexander Sevastian (Accordionist)
Sonos Handbell Ensemble
Travis Brass (Free Concert)
2013-2014 Everything Fitz (Fiddles & Step Dancing)
California Guitar Trio + Montreal Guitar Trio (Guitars)
North State Symphony Holiday Concert (Symphony Orchestra)
Two on Tap (Tap Dancing & Vocals)
The Vintage Singers
2014-2015 Vivace (Classical Crossover / Popera)
Paul Posnak (Piano)
North State Symphony Holiday Concert (Symphony Orchestra)
Metales M5 (Brass Quintet)
Quartetto Gelato (“Classically Eclectic”)
Anthony Kearns (Irish Tenor)
2015-2016 Guy Mendilow Ensemble: “Tales from the Forgotten Kingdom” (World Music)
Ken Lavigne: “The Road to Carnegie Hall” (Tenor)
North State Symphony Holiday Concert (Symphony Orchestra)
Acoustic Guitar Masters with Scott Kritzer (Acoustic Guitar)
Barefoot Movement (Bluegrass)
Axiom Brass (Brass Quintet)
2016-2017 Alpin Hong (Classical Piano)
North State Symphony 2016 Holiday Concert (Symphony Orchestra)
Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival (World)
The Young Irelanders (World)
Everything Fitz (Fiddles & Step Dance)